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Our Herd

Our herd started with a collection of 5 pet boys.  As our love and interest grew, we realised that alpacas varied considerably in quality.  Over time, we decided that introducing better quality animals into our herd enabled us to breed stronger, healthier, true-to-type alpacas.

We now have a herd that comprises some of the best breeding lines which we sourced from recognised breeders such as EP Cambridge, Inca, Bozedown, and Wimmera Skies (Australia).  A visual benefit of this breed improvement is easily seen in finer and denser fleeces. Our healthier, more attractive alpacas will look fantastic in your paddock.

If you are looking for pets for your home, we have the best quality selection in Wales at excellent prices. With our constant herd development we sell a selection of pet boys annually at prices from just £495. These sell so quickly we do not normally list them individually on our website, just give us a call. 

For those looking to breed, we have a very fine selection of stock. Specialising in grey and black huacayas, we also have a small number of other colours bred over time in our herd improvements. Studs, breeding females, and females with cria at foot are available at most times.

Proud to breed quality Alpacas in the stunning Usk Valley, South Wales